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  • Phase2Plus

    Phase II Metrology / Materials Testing Group specializes in portable hardness testers、surface roughness testers、ultrasonic gages、coating thickness gauges and vibration meters. Phase II currently holds the largest share of today's North American portable hardness tester market. In this area, the diversity of our products is unparalleled, ensuring that each of your applications is met. All of our products are application-oriented, so give us a call or send your application to us by e-mail, we will direct you to choose the right product.

    We can even do free internal testing on your product samples and provide a test report to confirm the correct match between the instrument and the application. Join GE, 3M, Honeywell, Motorola, Kohler, Siemens and
    more. All of our material testing instruments are equipped with 5-year warranty and lifetime free technical support.


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